White Glove Love!

The White Glove Love Pie Program is back!
We began our beloved pie program over 10 years ago and many of our clients fell in love with it!
Unfortunately during the 2020 shut down we chose to sunset the pie program for safety reasons. Over the last 4 years we have really missed our pies and we know you did too!
We have delivered 100's of delicious pies to many of our cherished clients and we hope to deliver 100's more with your support!
So lets kick off our LOVE from White Glove Pie Program on a day that we all celebrate LOVE! Valentines Day! Don't worry! Our program will continue all year long!
So whenever you think or hear about someone that wants to make a move - please share our name! We will be sure to deliver you your favorite flavor to your front door!

White Glove Love Pie Program

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