Apply for a pre-approval as soon as you can... that way if you find the home of your dreams you are prepared to ACT and put in an offer before someone else does!  Here are some referrals to help you out!

Annette Mingarelli - TDECU 

(346) 395-3083|

[email protected]

Paul Lamnatos - Blink Lending


[email protected] 


Julie Vaughan - CMG Home Loans


Russell Preston - Prime Lending



Erik Maya (Habla Espanol) - Cherry Creek Mortgage

Office: 281-447-2377

[email protected]

Alex Buriak - Jet Lending - Low Credit / Creative

Cell: 832-584-0986

[email protected]

Nelma Codina - Moody Bank - Portfolio, Business, Land

Direct: 281-998-6436

[email protected]

Anthony Patton - Highlands Residential Mortgage - Creative

Office: 214-226-0885

[email protected]

The 7 Don’ts of Mortgage Funding:

  1. Don’t change your employment status.

  2. Don’t make any major purchases (cars, furniture, home theaters, vacations, etc.)

  3. Don’t increase your credit card debt or miss any payments.

  4. Don’t change bank accounts or make any undisclosed large deposits.

  5. Don’t apply for a credit card, co-sign a loan or make a credit inquiry.

  6. Don’t spend money you have set aside for closing…not any, not ever!

  7. Don’t delay in providing all paperwork asked for by the mortgage company.

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